Recycling Services

Earn Cash

Selling your bulk recyclables to T.D.R. LLC is a great way to earn money and keep more E-Waste out of central Ohio landfills. T.D.R. also donates to organizations and groups for any recycling efforts. T.D.R. also provides services includes purchasing of electronics. Contact for specific pricing on your electronic equipment items.

Free Drop Off

You may drop off most recyclable donations to our recycling center 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Furthermore, T.D.R. LLC certifies that all client data has been destroyed or properly removed from devices per instruction given.

Free Pick Up 

We offer free pickup for computer, electronic, metal and other recyclables subject to load size. Other services provided include smaller load pickups for a fee. All out of state customers contact us to schedule a pick up of your material.

For more information about our pick-up and drop-off service contact us today. 


Contact: 614-578-4853