About T.D.R. LLC

Total Computer Recyclers and Training experts has been operating since 1995 (DBA) T.D.R. LLC. The company has a recycling facility, and a retail store, supplying buyers affordable, wholesale pricing on computers, electronics, and parts. T.D.R. LLC provides recycling services that involves free and inexpensive solutions for Businesses, Communities, and Organizations to schedule free pick-ups, recycling events, and drop offs at one of our locations accepting computers, electronics, and other recyclable material. T.D.R. LLC is an approved recycler by the Solid Waste Districts, and various Solid Waste Authorities, such as (SWACO) Solid Waste Authority of central Ohio. In addition to an (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency recycler, and a (CFLP) Coshocton/Fairfield/Licking/Perry Solid Waste District approved recycler. Our goal over the next five years is to process 80,000 lb. per month E-Waste material. When considering your recycling needs contact T.D.R. LLC today and become our recycling partner.

Email: tdr2recycleroh@gmail.com

Contact: 614-578-4853